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What Is Lurking In Your Bathroom?

Did you know that everything you put on your skin gets directly absorbed into your bloodstream? In this video, Dr. Shackelton will help you make more informed decisions about your personal care products to reduce your exposure to unwanted toxins and still feel and look radiant.

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Debunking The Master Cleanse

Dr. Shackelton debunks the ever popular Master Cleanse as an effective approach to true detoxification. The Master Cleanse is more of a “digestive break” than a way to truly eliminate toxins because it is missing two important components, protein and fat. Moreover, the Master Cleanse is NOT a good weight loss plan. Here’s why…

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Myths Of Detoxification

What if what we think we know about cleanses and detoxification is wrong? What if all those 7-, 14-, and 21-day cleanses are actually harming us more than they’re helping us? Detoxification doesn’t happen overnight or even in a month.

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Pathways of Elimination: Lymphatic System

There are 5 pathways of elimination, and your lymphatic system is often overlooked as one of the key ways for removing toxins from your body. Here’s why it’s so important to optimize this system for detoxification.

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Infrared Sauna Therapy – Sweating for Detoxification

Your skin is a major pathway for detoxification. Sweating on a weekly, if not daily, basis is important. Infrared saunas are one of the most effective ways of releasing toxins from deep within one’s tissues.

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How Toxicity Affects Thermogenesis and Weight Gain

Are you gaining weight and don’t know why? Did you know that toxins are stored in your fat cells, and this can contribute to your weight gain or inability to lose weight? The longer we live in this world, the more we are exposed to toxins that become integrated into our bodies and must be coaxed out through specific detoxification methods. Watch this video to discover how stored toxins cause two major obstacles for weight loss and receive tips on what you can do to decrease toxicity in your body and maintain a healthy weight.

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