Love and Gratitude

“Dr. Shackelton has been a gift.”

I came to her with a myriad of issues, but most prominent was my severe adrenal fatigue and insomnia. Dr. Shackelton has been tireless in uncovering the root of my issues as well as seeking to relieve my adrenal fatigue, insomnia, and hormonal imbalance. She listens carefully, problem solves with me, and explains everything.

– Heidi



“Mary was the first doctor, who looked at me with a holistic lens…”

I began seeing Dr. Shackelton in 2004 after I began to notice a number of vague, nonspecific symptoms that my regular general practitioner seemed unable to manage. These symptoms, taken together, could have meant anything from having cancer to a poor diet. Mary was the first doctor I saw who looked at me with a holistic lens and approached my treatment with a “let’s rule out…” attitude. She has been exceedingly patient as we’ve explored what those symptoms might mean for me, ultimately discovering an unlikely diagnosis. I continue to see Dr. Shackelton because I love the way she has her patients’ best interests at heart and would highly recommend her, especially to someone frustrated with care they might be receiving elsewhere.

– Jamie

“Mary has been an integral part of my recovery…”

Mary has been an integral part of my recovery and detoxification process over the past two years. She listens, asks in-depth questions, never rushes you out the door, and provides guidance that makes sense and works. I came to Mary for help with an autoimmune disorder as a result of being exposed to a toxic antimicrobial product. Daily activities were extremely difficult for me as my body would exhibit anaphylaxis symptoms whenever I came in contact with commonplace items such as clothing, plastics, and most any chemically fragranced product. Through Mary’s guidance I have worked on detoxifying my body, strengthening my immunity, and increasing my vitality. I am now able to do most all the everyday activities I want and continue to see Mary to ensure I stay on the path to better health. I couldn’t make it down this path this far without her.

– Orrie



“Mary is my “go to resource” for any and all of my healthful needs.”

Mary is not only highly talented as a naturopathic physician, she is one of the most approachable helpful medical care professionals I have ever found. I am lucky to have her in my “court.” I know I can count on her to really listen and prescribe spot-on healthful advice and supplements. She is my “go to resource” for any and all of my healthful needs. I had searched for years and bounced around for decades for the right doctor who could offer the best support for stressful anxiety issues. She instantly offered the right combination of supplements that changed and stabilized my chemistry, gaining me solid control over the stressors of my daily life. I only wish I had found her sooner. I recommend her all the time.

– Jodi

“Dr. Shackelton truly, whole-heartedly, cares for her patients…”

Dr. Mary Shackelton is truly an angel! She is so kind, and generous with her time, energy, and knowledge. When in an appointment with Dr. Shackelton, it is easy to see that she truly, whole-heartedly, cares for her patients. She gives you her undivided attention, and is willing to spend whatever time necessary to answer all of your questions and make you feel supported.

Being open-minded, and forward thinking, Dr. Shackelton doesn’t shy away from integrating, where appropriate, in order to achieve the optimal treatment regimen for best possible results. At the same time, however, Dr. Shackelton honorably fulfills every aspect of being a Naturopathic Doctor, by still following the founding principles of an authentic naturopathic medical practice: first, do no harm, prevention, draw on the healing powers of nature, identify and treat the root cause, (not just the symptoms), treat the whole person, and doctor as teacher. While I certainly have experienced all of these principles in practice at her clinic, the two from which I have derived the most benefit, healing, and joy have been “doctor as teacher,” and “treat the whole person.” Dr. Shackelton is always willing to answer all of my questions, often engaging in profound dialogue from which I glean important and powerful information, which I can apply to my self-care, utilize in my journey of healing, and share with friends and family members who can benefit just the same. With this knowledge, I am empowered to take charge of my health. Furthermore, it is clear that Dr. Shackelton is invested in the treatment and care of your whole being, as she lends a tender ear when asking about all aspects of your life, knowing that lifestyle factors are integral to your daily living, health, and well-being…or, lack thereof.

Dr. Shackelton came into my life at a time when I was desperate for help, health, and healing. After experiencing health challenges my whole life, and spending many, many years actively seeking solutions in treatment and care, I felt I was reaching the end of the road, running out of options; rather than finding answers or improvement, I was only getting more confused, flustered, and ill. I was surely sick and tired of being sick and tired! That is…until I met Dr. Shackelton. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, including the off-chance recommendation that landed me in her care. While I am still on the path to healing, (and, on some level, will continue to be every day of my life), working with Dr. Shackelton has given me more benefit and more relief in the last two years than I have ever experienced. She is giving me my life back! With the knowledge, inspiration, and care that Dr. Shackelton shares, I have been given many tools with which I am able to seek a happy, healthy, well-balanced, and meaningful life, both while in her care and beyond. I am so grateful to Dr. Shackelton!

– Erin



“With Dr. Shackelton’s guidance, I will be fully healed in the future…”

It’s hard to put into words how much Dr. Shackelton has helped to steer me in the direction towards health and vitality. After 7 years of feeling sick, going to countless doctors and specialists, and even a major surgery, I finally feel like I am heading in the right direction. Her depth of knowledge and empathy has brought me to a place where I can trust my doctor, and I cannot express how important that is. She is always available to answer questions and truly cares about her patients. While my personal health journey is not over yet, I have already seen significant improvements and feel confident that with Dr. Shackelton’s guidance, I will be fully healed in the future.

– Lois


“I have known Mary Shackleton since 2011 when she treated me for mercury poisoning.”

I felt that I could trust her to guide me through the treatment process. Since then, I have seen her on a regular basis to keep my health “topped up.” Mary is a special person who is easy to talk to. What I love about her is that she treats me as a partner in my care. I never feel patronized in any way. I recommend Mary to people often!

– Margaret

“Dr. Shackelton is hands-down one of the brightest minds in integrative medicine today.”

A skilled practitioner with a canny appreciation for the primary importance of detoxification in effectively treating chronic illness, she is a true pioneer in whole body wellness. Mary offers a unique perspective on comprehensive healing that encompasses both the person and their day-to-day lifestyle. Guided by a deep understanding of the complex detoxification process, she works collaboratively with clients to get to the root of their underlying health concerns. Under Dr. Shackelton’s expert care, medical mysteries are solved and lives are fundamentally transformed.

– Elizabeth

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