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Guided Detox Program – Coming in 2018

One of Dr. Shackelton’s key detoxification programs, the Guided Detox Program will help you discover and reverse the effects of voluntary and involuntary exposures to toxins and guide you on the journey toward true detoxification. Previously only available to patients at her clinic but now available to you at home.This program is for you if:

  1. You are inundated and overwhelmed by the information on the internet and want clarity and direction on what you are detoxifying and why.
  2. You have done a cleanse or detox program, and you still don’t feel better.
  3. You have tried many treatment plans, but you still don’t feel in control of your health.
  4. You have recurring illness or dis-ease that is not improving despite trying everything.
  5. You want to keep you and your family well naturally for the long term.

This is not a 14- or 21-day cleanse. Cleansing is more of a digestive break than a true detoxification. (Find out the difference between a cleanse and detox HERE). This is a (totally doable) one month course that will guide you on a detoxification that is specific and focused on your health needs and will give you information and tools to sustain a daily detoxification. When you make this commitment to your health, we promise you will see lasting change. Not only will you have Dr. Shackelton’s expertise and guidance, but you will have a community of people around you to keep you accountable, support you, and share in this experience.  Let’s remove your obstacles and give you back your health (and your life)!

Here’s What You Get:

  • Live online group calls to address your specific health concerns, provide recommendations for a treatment plan, and monthly follow up to answer your questions and keep you on track.
  • Guidance and direction on traditional and alternative lab testing.
  • How to optimize the 5 pathways of elimination.
  • Scientifically based information provided throughout the program via videos, webinars, and handouts.
  • Nutrient prescriptions for detoxification
  • Diet guidelines and recipes
  • Fitness recommendations based on your current state of health and accountability
  • Weekly emails and check-ins
  • Private Facebook group
  • Daily Meditations

Online Program and Video Course Offerings

While the Guided Detox Program is highly recommended for everyone and a good place to start, Dr. Shackelton recognizes that every person is on a different journey in their health. Starting in 2018, she will be offering programs and courses that will address your specific health care needs. This direction is right for you if:

  1. You do not have an integrative or naturopathic physician in your area.
  2. You have been to multiple doctors and specialists and still need answers.
  3. You have medical diagnoses that seem to be only treated with prescription medicine.
  4. You want to be guided in a direction that will give you results and not just more questions.

Upcoming Programs and Course Offerings in 2017

Sign up below to be notified when these programs and courses in your area of interest/need become available. Dr. Shackelton looks forward to working with you! You deserve to thrive and have the best health outcomes possible.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Recommendations for necessary testing (heavy metals, environmental pollutants, genetic testing, adrenal panels, hormone panels, comprehensive digestive analysis, food allergy
    testing, and more.)
  • Scientifically based info throughout via videos, webinars, and handouts
  • Nutrient prescriptions
  • Diet guidelines and recipes
  • Private Facebook group
  • Fitness recommendations and accountability
  • Daily meditations

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Upcoming Workshop Offerings in 2017

  • Post Chemotherapy Detox
  • Preconception Cleanse

  • Heavy Metal Chelation
  • Breast Cancer Prevention
  • Mold Toxicity

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