The State of Our World – And What We Choose to Do About It

It can be so depressing—let’s not let it be!!

I go in cycles with researching and writing. Sometimes I am so inspired to learn as much as I can. Sometimes I am restlessly searching for information and how to simplify to bring this information to you all. I have to admit when I research and write for long periods of time my whole outlook changes. I realize the enormity of what is taking place in terms of our environment and how it impacts our health. I mean… it is MASSIVE what is happening and largely irreversible. I feel depressed, pessimistic, cynical, and downright mad. I’m mad at the industry that has created this terrible toxic exposure we and our planet face. I’m frustrated that lobbyists for these large chemical manufacturers are blindly focused on profit, not on human health outcomes. I’m sickened by lawmakers and those at the top who choose to not know better. I do believe it is a choice, and they are simply choosing to turn a blind eye to what is happening.

So, when I look at it as a choice, I realize we all have one. We can choose to be pessimistic and negative, but that doesn’t ever feel good, or more importantly, productive. Most of the time, my choice is to remain positive and to look for how we can stay focused in the direction of optimism. What can each of us do in the face of so much that is out of our control? This boils down to our own personal choices. This is how we can feel as though we are more in control of our health than someone else. This is how we can do the best to share this information with those around us and our families. It starts at the ground level (us) and goes up from there. 

It begins with our perspective on how we view life.

If we are focused on optimism and light, then guess what? That is what will be. There was a person of great influence in my life, who once told me, “If you always say the truth, then everything you say will be true.” Think on that for a second. Let me rephrase it here for this topic: If you choose to look at the good in everything, then perhaps you will only see the good. In this particular instance, we can look at how terrible our fate on the planet is but that is just depressing. If we focus on what we can do and the good that is here, it feels much better all the way around.

More practically, it also begins with our purchasing power.

Where you spend your money is being watched very heavily as data is what drives all corporate decisions. Amazon and Whole Foods are watching you closely as you choose between a product that is non-GMO and one that is GMO.  Between one that is free of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and one that has HFCS in it. WHAT you choose to purchase and WHERE you choose to purchase it can give you a great sense of personal power in this world, where things have moved too far away from what is healthiest and best for us.

When the world feels like it is going down the tubes, there are some practices we can put in place to see it differently. The best we can all do is to pay attention, watch your perspective and perception of life, and make powerful choices with your purchases, your voice, and your vote.  It happens a little at a time. It happens with staying awake to what is happening around us, and it happens when we stay focused on the good.


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