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Are you someone who has seen multiple doctors and tried every medication, supplement, treatment plan, cleanse, or detox and still feel sick and tired? Are you fed up with not feeling your best but have no idea what is standing in your way? Toxicity may be the underlying reason for your chronic illness and detoxification may be one major step in overcoming that illness. Detoxification remains a topic of interest for millions of people, and yet, there is so much misinformation about what detoxification truly is and how to do it safely. Detoxification is NOT a 7- or 21-day cleanse. It is a guided intervention that is required for you to regain your health rather than an optional choice.

A detox is specific and focused.

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My goal is to move out of the exam room and closer to you, no matter where you are in the world. My hope is that we can work together through my various online programs and courses to achieve a level of health that exceeds your expectations. With the right tools and guidance, I believe you can overcome even the most chronic illnesses and health problems. Check out my offerings and make a commitment to yourself and your health today.

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Ever consulted Dr. Google about your symptoms and become completely terrified at the results? While the internet has become a powerful tool for us to learn and share, it has created a lot of confusion and misinformation about what symptoms mean and what you can do about them. My resources section offers guidance and recommendations through my most trusted sources.

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The single most important yet simple task to ensure optimal health and protect ourselves from a health crisis is getting back in the kitchen. Food preparation, eating well, and choosing our own ingredients is a critical piece in the care of our physical and emotional bodies. Preparing food does take time, but consider it an investment in yourself and your family. Here you can find a complete list of recipes with foods that support detoxification and clean living.

Complete Holistic Living With Dr. Shackelton

Understanding how to live a life that will keep you well is a journey. Implementing it takes some guidance. How do you sort through all of the complicated information and misinformation on the internet? Below you can listen, watch, and read how to make this happen in your day to day life.


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Day to Day Detox Blog

Learn how toxicity affects your everyday health and what you can do to decrease your toxic exposure.


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Tune in to hear Dr. Shackelton interviewing experts in the health industry, answering your health-related questions, and giving you great insight into natural medicine.


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Watch educational & inspirational videos on how to lead a healthier, more abundant life.

I do not stop until you have your health back.

Mary has been an integral part of my recovery and detoxification process over the past two years.  She listens, asks in-depth questions, never rushes you out the door, and provides guidance that makes sense and works.  I came to Mary for help with an autoimmune disorder as a result of being exposed to a toxic antimicrobial product.  Daily activities were extremely difficult for me as my body would exhibit anaphylaxis symptoms whenever I came in contact with commonplace items such as clothing, plastics, and most any chemically fragranced product.  Through Mary’s guidance I have worked on detoxifying my body, strengthening my immunity, and increasing my vitality.  I am now able to do most all the everyday activities I want and continue to see Mary to ensure I stay on the path to better health.  I couldn’t make it down this path this far without her.
I began seeing Dr. Shackelton in 2004 after I began to notice a number of vague, nonspecific symptoms that my regular general practitioner seemed unable to manage. These symptoms, taken together, could have meant anything from having cancer to a poor diet. Mary was the first doctor I saw who looked at me with a holistic lens and approached my treatment with a “let’s rule out…” attitude. She has been exceedingly patient as we’ve explored what those symptoms might mean for me, ultimately discovering an unlikely diagnosis. I continue to see Dr. Shackelton because I love the way she has her patients’ best interests at heart and would highly recommend her, especially to someone frustrated with care they might be receiving elsewhere.

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